Ecologi // For Every Order Placed, We Will Plant a Tree.


When we first spoke about setting up Norfolking Around, one thing we wanted to focus on was ensuring that our business was as ethical and sustainable as possible. We also agreed that we wanted to invest some of our profits into making a positive difference in the world. We live in a beautiful area of the planet, we and our children are extremely lucky to be surrounded by beautiful beaches and green fields. We want to do what we can to ensure that this is possible for our grandchildren and the generations beyond too.

When we came across Ecologi, we knew it was a perfect solution to help us make a real difference. 

We all know that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising is to plant more trees. They are crucial to prevent ecological collapse.

Ecologi work with The Eden Reforestation projects who plant millions of trees around the world each month. 

For every order placed with us, no matter how big or small we will plant a tree on your behalf – you can view our growing forest and look at the donations that have been made so far HERE

In addition to planting trees, we are able to offset our carbon emissions for every package we dispatch.  We invest money into Ecologi, who in turn put this into eco projects which remove more greenhouse gasses than our own carbon footprint puts in! 

Each month they pick the best CO2 reduction projects across the world and ensure that our donations are going to the highest rated projects and making the most impact possible.

With World Environment day just gone, and July being Plastic Free month, we thought we would highlight a few of our products which can assist you with reducing single use plastics in your household, and do remember, EVERY order placed results in a tree being planted!


Mint Green Silicone Sleeve Water Bottle £15.00

Featuring a glass body and bamboo lid this bottle can ensure that you can ditch the disposable plastic bottles (and save yourself some money in the long run).


Glass Jar with Wooden Lid - from £16.00

With many stores and supermarkets encouraging you to take your own packaging and shop loose products, these glass storage jars are as practical as they are stylish!


Double Handle Basket - £31.00

Our range of baskets are so much better looking than a plastic carrier bag, don't you think?



Our full range of partyware is perfect for celebrations, picnics and BBQ's. Items are made from card, paper, or wood fibres.

We have Jungle Safari, Fairy, Princess and Dinosaur themed items.

Prices from £5.00



We don't know about you, but in the past few months, we have definitely upped the use of sanitisers and cleaning products in the home as well as washing our hands. Our Norfolk Natural Living products are all made using natural ingredients, the bottles are made from recycled plastics and are refillable and recyclable.  This spray is super gentle suitable for all surfaces including marble and granite work surfaces.  



Pocket Hand Cream 30ml - £9.00

All the additional cleaning and handwashing has left us feeling a little dry. Alcohol from hand sanitiser is the worst for stripping the moisture from your hands.  This super rich and soothing hand cream tin is the perfect pocket size, perfect for keeping with you whilst your on the move applying after hand sanitiser!



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