In order to create a home that caters to your wellbeing, it’s important to consider how you like to relax. 

New research this year has revealed that 'self-spaces', a space dedicated to self-care will be the main driving force in home renovation for spring/summer 2022. Over a third of Brits have reported creating a space within their home dedicated to either wellness or hobbies, and almost half would actively look for homes with a self-space when buying.

Holly Harper, Head of Inspiration at Not On The High Street says: “Our research has shown that Brits are prioritising their health and wellbeing over everything else this year and it’s clear that our homes will continue to play an important role in our lives, as we look to spend time on the things that we love the most.”

The self-care revolution is also changing how we design and renovate our bathrooms, too, with a huge rise of the spa-inspired bathroom also known as a ‘spathroom,’. We are spending more time at home than we ever have before which has resulted in this revolution. The key factor to creating an indulgent ‘spathroom’ is to have a minimalist approach to your design, the three key elements are low lighting, a luxurious bath and a high-performance shower. This trend heavily focuses on mood, so neutral colours, clean lines, and natural materials are also essential. 

There is a number of other ways we have been incorporating a ‘Self-space’ into our home. Here are a few other ways you can create your own ‘self-space’ at home.  

1.Reading nook

Ideally a corner or even an entire room of your home dedicated to your needs and unique personality. This idyllic place is where you can sit back and take a breath and get lost in a book. Achieved in many simple ways from a soft chair to a plush throw and pillow or even an ottoman any of these can create an invitation to crack open your favourite novel. 

2. Home Gym 

Whether you've got a spare room, a corner, an outdoor space, or even a shed ready to be converted, a home gym is a perfect environment for a healthy mind and body. A well designed home gym can motivate you more to reach your fitness goals.

Remember these factors when designing yours;

Choose an elevated colour scheme 

Make room for storage 

Set the right mood 


3. Dressing Area/ Walk-in wardrobe

Dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes ideas are undoubtedly luxurious additions to the home, but they are also an increasing aspiration. Many of us have embraced the nostalgia and practicality of a pantry and utility room as an extension of a sociable kitchen over the past year, but now the tide has turned to the rise in those seeking that extra bit of indulgence of a dressing area as an extension to their beautiful master bedrooms. 


A walk-in closet is an exceptionally practical storage solution for keeping clothes ordered helping us to rediscover the forgotten items lurking at the back of our current wardrobes. If space allows, a dressing room is an even more sort after feature, offering a highly personal place to enjoy preparing for the day or for a glamorous evening event.


4. Arts and crafts studio 

Lockdown allowed many of us to embrace our creative sides, whether that be becoming a DIY enthusiast, an artist or a creative who works from home. We all had the freedom to explore our artistic side during this free time and to have a dedicated space for this is a real game-changer whether that be a spare room ready to convert or just an empty corner. Being able to dedicate a creative space not only helps you unwind and promotes productivity but can also make a difference to your craft finally making it possible to let your imagination soar. 


5. Cinema room 

The only thing better than going to the movies is enjoying one from the comfort of your very own home. Since we've been spending more time in our own homes, we may as well optimise them for our own entertainment. The kitchen used to be considered the heart of the home, but as any serial series binge watcher knows, the real life of the house is the cinema room. It’s the perfect place to hang out, unwind and get your streaming fix, whether that be Disney+, Netflix or Amazon Prime.




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