This year we’re keeping our pets at the forefront of our minds when redecorating, with this latest trend. 

Don’t be mistaken this is not pet-proofing, 'Barkitecture' is about creating a luxurious space for our pets that fit seamlessly with the design choices we make for ourselves. A lot of us have incorporated this trend into our design already when renovating our kitchens and utilities, however this is also about the next step in this revolution as designing areas just for our pets. 

As we have spent more time at home over the past two years our love and appreciation for our pets has grown. This has caused a steady increase in home interior trends being influenced by our four-legged friends. Functionality and practicality no longer just focus on the humans of the household but the pets too. Multi-functional spaces such as utility rooms have become a greater demand amongst many. So, long gone are the days of cleaning the dog off with the garden hose, built-in dog showers are becoming a common feature within the modern-day home.  


Pet-proofing the house may start with comfy dog-friendly furniture and a good quality vacuum, but there are many ways we can incorporate barkitecture into our homes in 2022. This trend has shown many people scraping the usual dog beg and opting for a more luxurious dog bedroom. Cat owners have also been jumping on the trend by incorporating stylish cat-friendly shelves and scratch posts discreetly into permanent home fittings. 


One thing to note is that the trend is certainly not about "hiding" away pet toys when visitors pop over, it’s all about embracing and elevating the animals in our lives from their beds to their toys, rather than hiding them away. 

Are you wanting to bring this trend to life in your home without breaking the bank? Here are a few simple things you can do to incorporate BARKITECTURE into your home. 




Let your creative side run wild, this cost-effective trick can save you a lot of money, as dog beds tend to come with an expensive price tag. The perfect piece of furniture which is probably gathering dust in your garage for this is a coffee table (a side table works best for those smaller pooches). Simply turn the table upside down and you’ve got a luxurious four-poster dog bed. Layer it up with some cosy blankets and cushions and it’s ready to enjoy. 



Not sure what to do with the space under the stairs, this area tends to be a dumping ground for shoes, jackets, toys and even washing. Simply remove the door, add some shelves for the doggy essentials and then Fill it with their favourite toys, blankets and activities to help keep them entertained. Don’t forget to decorate it with pictures crating their own replica living area. 



Pet owners have played a big part in 2022’s current design trends as they target the pets in their lives. Searches for inventive ways to create furniture for our pets have risen in the last 2 years. We have dedicated time to creating glam cosy corners in our homes for our pets, whether that be a dog-washing station or a cosy corner that they can enjoy. Simply dedicate a space within your home to them, whether that be a corner by the radiator surrounded by comfy blankets and their favourite toys or a little retreat in the utility room for them to take themselves off to for a bit of peace and quiet. 


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