This week we caught up with Ashleigh Huish, the absolutely gorgeous and hysterical TikTok superstar and social media creator.

During lockdown, Ashleigh took to TikTok to cure her boredom and used it as an escape, she decided to start broadcasting TikTok Lives to start conversations with like-minded people who were going through this crazy time and having the same experiences. Ashleigh started to realise that in her finding an escape in TikTok her followers were finding an escape in her. Ashleigh has since been taking the world by storm with her relatability, honesty and downright hilarity and now has a staggering 1.1 Million followers.

Last year Ashleigh’s hilarious videos caught the eye of Adam Frisby the Owner and Founder of In The Style who reached out to her to do a collaboration with his brand. Ashleigh had become one of the most requested collaborations In The Style has ever had and the one everyone had been waiting for. Throughout the process of creating her collaboration, Ashleigh pulled inspiration from what women were telling her they wanted and needed. She came up with designs for every shape, size and style. Her incredible collections have got something for absolutely everybody. Her range includes exclusive styles from figure flattering dresses and killer jumpsuits to power blazers, accessories and plus more.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Ashleigh and what the future holds.

So, without further ado, let's shine our spotlight on Ashleigh and her story

'Tell us a little bit about yourself'

 Hey, my name's Ashleigh, I’m a tiktoker and social media creator on Instagram hahahaha it still feels so weird saying that, I’ve never liked the idea of calling myself that because it has such a negative stigma attached to it. However, it’s changing and I think being an ‘influencer’ (/creator) can be an absolutely amazing thing to be.

Most importantly, I’m a mum to two beautiful children and a fiancé to my Chels.

What inspired you to start sharing your life story online?

I don’t think anything, in particular, inspired me at first if I’m totally honest, I started posting TikTok’s in lockdown to cure boredom and doing TikTok lives to have some kind of conversation with other people going through that crazy time together - To be honest, me, Chels and the kids were sick of each other haha. I used it as an escape and I think I somehow became other people’s escape as much as the platform became mine. I just absolutely loved it and found it hilarious.

Where did you pull inspiration from when collaborating with In The Style?

I pulled inspiration from what women were all telling me they wanted and needed from clothing - more capsule, durable and extensive to wear pieces.

When I first was offered my collection I knew I wanted to create collections that would be wardrobe staples for people that they could wear in years to come and were timeless. Things that fitted all shapes and sizes and made everyone feel great. Every piece has to tick all the boxes. Comfort, timeless and wardrobe staples. Along with the side of style that relates to me and also nods to current trends too.

What do you love most about your job?

Honestly, I love how much time I have with my kids now. That’s the best bit for me. Also that I get to be unapologetically myself and somehow inspire other women to do that too.
What's the best piece of advice you were ever given?

Stop hiding your body away because of fear of other people's opinions of you. They don’t matter. Wear what YOU feel good in. Don’t miss out on life because of an outfit.

Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve this year?

I would absolutely love to take the kids abroad. Oscar has never been on an aeroplane and he’s desperate to be on the plane as he’s obsessed with watching them take off.

So that or become the face of Toby Carvery haha.

How do you balance work and family?

My work is my family which is the best and they love being part of this crazy ride too.

If you could learn anything new, what would it be?

I would love to learn sign language. I started in lockdown and then with the homeschooling palaver I didn’t stick to it. I’ve annoyed myself now thinking about it. I think it’s so important and it should be taught in all schools and I personally think it’s much more needed than a second language.

What are your top 3 'can't live without' beauty products?

Omg, my radiance booster by Iconic London! It’s like my glory second skin. My elf eyebrow pencil…and it’s like £3! Biggest bargain ever! And elemis naked cleansing balm! Best cleanser ever!

When you need a little R&R, what do you do/where do you go?

Hahahah bed!!!! I have a nap! Naps are life and without them, I would be so sad! Bed, in cosy PJs, fresh sheets and some amazing music playing, lying next to Chels just in silence. Relaxed - That’s my R&R.

What is top of your bucket list?

To travel America with the kids and Chels for 6 months. Anything with my family to be honest but that’s the ultimate dream.

Favourite family day out

My fave family day out is a long dog walk around Connaught water then we stop off for lunch and a Shandy if it’s hot, or a coffee if it’s freezing at high beech. The best! We also love a late night drive listening to our fave songs and singing our heads off. We stop at random parks and go wild (but quietly and respectfully to the neighbours of the parks ha) on the swings
Favourite pub/bar

Heaven in London. I mean, I’m old now so I don’t really go out but that will forever hold the biggest place in my heart.

The best bar is a little bar Chels took me to in Watford for our first date. I can’t remember the name of it but it had the most amazing jazz vibe and a fireplace made of melted wax. It was beautiful.

Favourite date night venue

Anywhere that has delicious food. Eating out is what I live for! We love a local Indian restaurant called ‘Garden of India’ in Harlow! The absolute best vibe and best Indian we’ve ever eaten.

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