Having followed her Instagram page for well over a year we were delighted when Megan said she had time to speak to us! Model, actress, blogger and social media lecturer at London College of Style. Emma asked her for a few tips and tricks to building our online presence, along with finding out about how her pregnancy is going, and a few of her favourite things.


Megan, tell us a little bit about yourself;


Hi, I’m Megan, primarily an actress but also working as a model, multi award winning blogger, freelance writer and lecturer in social media. I am mummy to a gorgeous long haired chihuahua (who has her own Instagram page @itscocotaylor), and expectant mum to a real baby too! My husband is a health and fitness blogger (Elevate Sport) as well as a sports rehabilitator, so he understands my blogging work and we take each others pictures.


What took you into modelling and acting?


I grew up with parents in the theatre world, so I think I was destined to go into acting or dancing from a young age. This also enabled me to see that the freelancing world can be both incredible and unpredictable, but I couldn’t stay away!

I trained as a dancer and was dancing at  Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden one day, when I was scouted for a photo shoot for Getty Images, I won the job and in turn signed to my modelling agent MOT models.


What was your first professional acting or modelling role?


When I was a child I was in a McDonalds advert, but that was just because my dad was working on the job and needed some kids, so he put me and a few of my friends on it!

My first acting job after graduating was playing a skater girl in a Nokia commercial. I had only been signed by acting agent Gilbert & Payne for a month, so it was a fabulous feeling to book a job so quickly.


What inspired you to start blogging?


My mum had been telling me to start a YouTube channel for years and years before I actually got started, but I didn’t really know where to start. When you’re working as a model and actress there's a lot of downtime between jobs, so blogging felt like the perfect way to use my time more wisely. I initially just started sharing behind the scenes from jobs, with tips and tricks I learnt from people on set.


You have collaborated with many different brands, is there one that particularly stood out to you, perhaps your first one? Or one that was extremely close to your heart? 


I have only ever collaborated with brands that I already use and adore. I think the biggest pinch me moments were when M&S and John Lewis both got in touch to work on paid collaborations within the same year as they are brands I have grown up with since I was a child.


As a lecturer in social media at London College of Style, what are your top 3 pieces of advice to anyone looking to start a blog?


•Write 3 blog posts before sharing your blog.

•Make sure your social media handles are the same as your website name (not always possible but make sure they’re similar).

•Make sure every button on your website works and there are no Error pages.




You are currently pregnant and due very soon (exciting), what has been a) your worst part of being pregnant and b) your favourite part?


The worst part of being pregnant for me has been the morning sickness. I spent 22 weeks being sick about 4 times a was not great. The best part is the excitement I could see in my family and when we initially told everyone.


Your husband Liam has a fitness and health business, how has he been helping you stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy? 


Liam has been incredible at keeping me fit for health reasons, and for my mental health. I love feeling fit and was so scared I wouldn’t be able to do anything whilst pregnant. Liam is highly trained and knows his stuff which means I can trust him to tell me what I can and can’t do. During lockdown we have done a lot of slow but long distant cycling, hubby’s stretch classes on Zoom (well, from the next room where he was teaching), and I have also done some barre and stretch classes with Pineapple Dance Studios over Zoom.


Dead or Alive, who inspires you most in life and why?


My parents are pretty incredible! They spent the majority of their lives working freelance as a dancer (mum), and behind the scenes (dad). Once they had me and my brother, they adapted their careers to creating their own companies which they have now managed to sell as well!!


What does your ideal long weekend away look like?


At this moment right now I haven’t seen my parents in over two months.

Prior to lockdown I had never been apart from them for more than a couple of weeks. So, I would love to go to their gorgeous house in the South of Wales. Long walks in the mountains, home cooked food and cuddles.



What's your secret guilty pleasure?


Not so secret, but chocolate all day every day!


Favourite cocktail?


Twisted Mojito from Charlotte Street Hotel.



The last item of clothing you bought?


Maternity leggings from Jojo Maman Bebe (actually my mum bought me these, but I tried to buy them, and she said no it’s a present).


Favourite meal at the moment?


Egg mayonnaise sandwich for lunch in the sun followed by a mini Twister ice lolly.



Megan, thank you so much for finding the time to speak with us, it has been great to hear about your career and life in general - such exciting times ahead for you! Good luck with the arrival of your new baby we will be watching your Instagram page waiting to hear whether its a brother or sister for Coco! Keep posting, we love following your stories!




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