SPOTLIGHT SUNDAY// Natali in Norfolk


Becky was very excited to catch up with Natali this week from the Instagram account Natali in Norfolk.  Natali and her husband are currently sympathetically renovating and restoring their beautiful Georgian home on the outskirts of Norwich. Having followed her account for quite some time, (and also in the middle of a renovation herself) Becky has found this a source of inspiration.  Natali creates the most beautiful stories and photos for us to follow about her life here in Norfolk. Here’s what she had to say;


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

After studying for a degree in Fine Art Painting at the Slade School of Art in London I went on to run my own business for 5 years before meeting my husband and moving to Norfolk.  I had renovated my first home on my own and my husband had been buying and selling property, so together we started doing up houses to sell, had our son, and this journey finally lead us to the home we are now in, a Georgian vicarage that we intend to stay in! I started an Instagram account to document all of this and it has grown as we have done our current house up to 30k followers.  People love to see what we are up to at home, what bit of the house we are working on next.  My husband is luckily very handy, running his own business Norwich Bathrooms and Kitchens and he's become a real feature on my account, along with our now 12-year-old son.


In your opinion what’s the best thing about living in Norfolk?

For me the best thing about living in Norfolk is the wide open spaces, the flat landscape which affords the big skies.  I love that the roads are quiet, and a beach is never far away.  It's very special.


I absolutely love following your Instagram page and stories, what inspired you to start your account?

A friend told me about IG and I couldn't believe you could see into someone’s life in such detail.  You could see where they had been, what their front room looked like and I was fascinated!  I also loved taking pictures as it tapped into my art background.


Where do you find inspiration for your home décor?

Over the years I have gained a lot of inspiration from IG and Pinterest, and lately You Tube.  It used to be from magazines but I rarely buy them now.


Throughout your experience of refurbishing properties, what would you say you have learnt most along the way?

Through renovating properties I have learnt to be patient!!!  I have also learnt to plan a room as much as you can.  We bought a really big bed for the main bedroom, and I can't find side tables small enough to fit.  That was a mistake.  


When you need a little R&R what do you do? Where do you go?

When I need a little time out I walk my dog around the beautiful lanes that surround our house, or I drive to Southwold and go for a walk on the beach.


Where is your favourite hair salon?

Definitely Flint Hair in Norwich.


Favourite interiors shop?

Hard to choose one, Looses or Three on Magdalen St.


….and finally, your favourite independent deli or farm shop?

My local farm shop, Green Pastures.


Natali, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, we look forward to seeing your next posts and continuing to hear all about your renovation. 

You can follow Natali on Instagram - @natali_in_norfolk

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