Have you ever thought that there is never enough time to do the things you want to do? Want to get off the never-ending treadmill of daily TO DO’s, jobs and family ‘stuff’ that’s always cropping up?

Then this is for you!

ME TIME isn’t something to just be dreamt about; it’s something we need to start putting into fruition. Trust me, it’s necessary. 

The past couple of years have been challenging and have been a struggle for many of us, leading us to all have a lot on our plate to deal with; the only thing we want to do is to have a little ME TIME! Unfortunately, we always seem to put ourselves on the back burner. We don’t even contemplate squeezing ME TIME into our schedules. However, ME TIME can help us in so many ways and is something we shouldn’t miss out on. It doesn’t have to be something that takes up loads of time either; just a tiny something to help us reconnect with ourselves can do us a world of good. So let’s take a look at these amazing yet simple ME TIME ideas that you can use for inspiration and incorporate into your daily life. 


I Don’t Deserve ‘Me Time’… Do I?

We all have hectic lives, with work, children, household jobs that seem to take over our time, and these seem to dominate our headspace most days. However, you will burn out far too quickly without setting aside personal time, and what good is that?

From my own experience, I know how dangerous it can be to not balance your time. For me, it led to endless amounts of stress and anxiety, which left me truly drained and checked out. It’s not a good place to be. Trying to do everything all the time can truly take its toll. EVERYONE deserves a little daily time to themselves. It’s not whether we deserve it; it’s whether we can afford NOT to take it…


Time For Yourself Is Important

I used to think that taking time for me was selfish and that I needed to put everyone else’s needs before mine. But it isn’t, and one of the owners from a previous job said something that stuck with me and changed how I thought about it…. 

She helped me figure out that I wasn’t functioning well and not happy and that my work and personal life were suffering as a direct result. This helped me change my perspective, and from then I knew that I needed to make adjustments. 

I started to see that I simply don’t function or feel as happy when I am burnt out and trying to do everything for everyone. So we owe it to ourselves to take some time for us, as it genuinely can make a difference to all those around us, resulting in a happier atmosphere around for all. 


There are many benefits of why it is a good idea to take time for ourselves. 

  • You get a clear space to think – this leads to clarity. It’s also great for things like setting goals and long term planning. 
  • You get to decide what you want to do –This tends not to be possible in your everyday life, as we all tend to compromise with others for what to do each day. It’s therefore nice to be able to think just about yourself for a change and not feel guilty about it.
  • You get to reconnect with yourself – This is the perfect opportunity for you to take time for a hobby, for relaxing, or trying something new that you’ve always wanted to do. This is all about you!


I hear you all asking, How Much Me Time Should You Have?

Honestly, only you can answer this. The critical factor to ME TIME is to take enough time out of the day to feel recharged and ready to take on your regular every day. Let your body be your guide; this could mean a few minutes a day, or a few hours or ever a weekend away. It truly depends on how you’re feeling, your stress levels, and how much you need to unwind. 

So, here are some of our ME TIME ideas for inspiration, remember it doesn’t matter how short that time is; it matters that you make the time count. 

  • Go for a walk – This is one of our favourite things to do; grab a coffee on the go, head to a beach or your favourite location and walk. The exercise will also be great for you, and you will feel rejuvenated. 
  • Take a bath – Pour yourself a glass of wine, use your favourite products, put a facemask on, play your favourite playlist and simply unwind. 
  • Read a book or your favourite magazine – Find inspiration in the latest articles or lose yourself in a story. 
  • Go to the cinema – Immerse yourself in the big screen and fall in love with a movie of your choice 
  • Get up 20 minutes earlier or go to bed 20 minutes earlier and do something that is just about you! Morning or Evening Stretch, Finish your Chapter, Try a new breakfast.  
  • Book in me-time into your diary as you would any other appointment. Drop the kids at the grandparents for some special time with them; this can be for a few hours or even the weekend. Don’t wait for a special occasion, just do it, they’d love to spend time with the kids!
  • Take some time to breathe – We’ve found a new love in Yoga and Meditation.
  • Go tech-free. Enjoy the silence and turn off your phone. 
  • Catch up on your favourite programme on Netflix (other streaming services available 😊) and make sure you spend time watching without interruptions.
  • Get your nails done, doesn’t have to be anything elaborate; just something simple can give you the boost you need.
  • Do a life plan – Start with a 1 or 2-year plan and work your way up to a 5 or 10-year plan. See what you can start to make headway by spending more time on it each week. We personally like to ‘do’ things with our time as we feel more refreshed and driven after doing so. 
  • Go shopping – even if it is just window shopping or for a new outfit, spending time looking at the new trends and working out what suits you and what looks fantastic will do you a world of good. It is the positivity we all need!
  • If you are working from home (as some of us still are), think about taking some me time during the day or on your lunch break rather than waiting until the evening. You’re more likely to do it then, and you will feel refreshed afterwards and more productive. We tend to take a trip to a coffee shop, have lunch with the girls, maybe an online yoga class, or if we are feeling bonkers, we may go for a run!
  • How about a spa day? There is always a spa close by, and in most hotels, some even do special offers throughout the year. So book yourself in for a massage, facial or even some reflexology. 
  • Have a sleep or an afternoon nap! We find a power nap to be so effective; waking up even after just 10 mins feels SO good and we get much more done as a result afterwards. 
  • Look at a gym class that you’ve always wanted to do and SIGN UP (or even do an online fitness class, we particularly enjoyed yoga and HIIT classes). I always feel refreshed after a workout and strangely have even more energy! Plus, a perk of heading to the gym is there is always the coffee shop nearby for a sneaky treat afterwards. 
  • Start a project in your house that you’ve been wanting to do for ages. Paint some furniture, create some artwork or change your colour scheme. 
  • Enrol in an online course; this was the most significant awakening moment for me. I enrolled in an interior design diploma during the first lockdown, and it helped me change my perspective. It was the first time in a long time that I took the time to focus on a passion of mine. Doing this course has opened so many doors for me and has even enabled me to pursue a career in the field. 
  • Take time to catch up with a friend, grab some dinner and cocktails, get a coffee and go for a walk or even if it is just over the phone, friends are our support network, and they may need us as much as we need them so reaching out can be very beneficial on all sides. 
  • Go to the hairdressers; a day in the chair really does boost our confidence and certainly does put the spring back in your step. 

It’s hard to find that little time in reality; however, there is a simple solution that will give you the time back from now on, and that is to… Simplify!!

Get yourself organised, not only in life and at home too. Come up with new systems that work for you and your family. Declutter the unnecessary, which will automatically save you more time from cleaning, cooking, and general daily jobs. 

So without further adieu, get started, give yourself that extra bit of time, in the beginning, to start making the changes you need to get yourself organised. This will allow you to make space for that ME TIME. Trust me, you won’t regret it! 

Here are a few products to help you get started on your ME TIME journey, from the perfect self-care items to glass jars and planners to help you get organised. 











The ultimate key is to treat yourself well every day, from eating well, keeping yourself fit, treating yourself every now and again, and simply enjoying life!

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