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Emma’s Top Ten Beauty Products


Had I written this just two months ago, the top 10 would almost definitely have been entirely made up of makeup products. Having worn next to no make up for almost seven weeks now (apart from a little mascara and tinted moisturiser for my weekly trip to the supermarket and the odd zoom call), I have truly come to realise which beauty products I really cannot live without.


Having built a career where I am constantly in front of people within the hospitality industry, hygiene and a tidy appearance are of the utmost importance. A good skincare routine and the daily application makeup has always been part of my 'uniform'. What has been particularly interesting during this period is what I thought was a necessity in my make up bag, isn’t.


So, here are the products I cannot live without;


Garnier Micellar Water Facial Cleanser £4.99 - there are many similar products on the market, I particularly love this one, it is so gentle on my skin and will remove even the toughest of mascaras, it’s also very reasonably priced.

Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick - £36.00 - a perfect all in one blush, bronzer and highlighter, this is great for a quick all over glow. I tend to keep this in my handbag for a quick little touch up during the day and it saves me from carrying around a bulky make up bag - its great for that last minute/no warning face time call too!


Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara £27.00- this mascara gives me the longest defined eyelashes, and once on, it is not shifting. It doesn't clag and provides you with some serious volume – no need for fake lashes with this stuff!


Beauty Pie Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser - £6.71 (to members) - this particular tinted moisturiser is a relatively new addition to my stash, for many years I have worn the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, however it’s pricey and I really wanted to find something a little cheaper. I am not overly a fan of foundation, I only wear it on special occasions or if I am feeling some serious coverage is required! This product was recommended to me by a friend, and I love it! If you haven't heard of Beauty Pie yet, it is a members club who offer premium products at seriously reduced prices and well worth checking out - it has changed my life!


Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro Peeling drops - £9.41 (to members)- another product from Beauty Pie, I could have added a couple more products to this list from them, but didn't want this to turn into a Beauty Pie review! These drops however are perfect for applying before you moisturise. It is an antibacterial serum and therefore good for reducing breakouts, it also tightens pores and brightens skin.


Arran Sense of Scotland Hydrating Hand Cream - £10.00- I should probably declare for transparency reasons that in my day job, I do work for Arran Sense of Scotland. NorfolkingAround is a completely separate project from this, however I couldn't leave this off my list as I adore this product and always have some in my handbag. With heavily increased handwashing and the gallons of anti bac gel used over the past few months my hands have never required moisturiser so much. A little bit of this applied each night before I go to bed has kept my hands feeling silky smooth.


The Body Shop British Rose Body Yoghurt - £9.00- this just smells incredible and quite frankly, I adore smelling of roses! It really does smell like you are standing in a rose garden. There is a complete range available in this sent – scrubs, shower gels, soaps, face mists.  A perfect summer scent.


Jo Malone English Mint and Ginger Lip Care - £20.00- ok, this is a serious extravagance, I know that, and I know that there are many other brands which cost considerably less, but I once picked this up as treat to myself in the departures lounge at Birmingham airport after a particularly gruelling few days of meetings - now I am hooked and have a rather expensive habit!


Nioxin 3D Intesive Deep Protect Density Mask - £23.50 - straighteners, curling wands, hair dye, sun, sea, sand, you name it and my hair has been through it. A deep conditioning once a week with this product keeps my hair soft, glossy and helps the split ends. This was recommended to me by my hairdresser in Edinburgh a few years ago to get my hair in better condition for my wedding day, and now I have a mild panic if I think I am about to run out!

Arran Calming Spray - £14.00- I have had many nights of tossing and turning throughout this lockdown, that is until I pulled my calming spray out of my suitcase last week. I have spent a lot of time working away from home and therefore staying in hotels in the past - as glamourous as some think it may be, I can assure you it really isn't. Cramming my week into a tiny carry on suitcase, and decanting liquids into teeny bottles to meet the 100ml rule gets a little tedious, so does sleeping in a different bed every night - this calming spray is absolutely amazing, the scent is lavender and spearmint and can be sprayed onto you, your bed sheets, or both – it guarantees me a good night’s sleep.


Next week we will hear from Alex and her favourite products, but in the meantime if you have any questions about any of the above, or would like to suggest some of your favourite beauty products to us, we would love to hear from you.


Emma x

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    I’ve been wanting to try Beauty Pie for ages because I’m a huge skincare junkie and I am currently using Leafinty skincare,best cleansing oil for combination skin.Thank you for finally providing a clear explanation because now I know I definitely want to try Beauty Pie!

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