The Heartbreak Hotel for Women
Transformational therapy with a whole lot of heart


Calling all women whose hearts have been trampled on by deceitful partners. 

Learn how to transform your anger into agency.  Discover your love language and attachment style. Discover how to spot narcissists and infidels so you can avoid them forever.  Most importantly, learn how to meet your core love needs and reconnect with the essence of who you are and what you value.

The Heartbreak Hotel was founded by counselling psychologist and lecturer Alice Haddon. Her aim is to develop a high impact transformative therapeutic experience to empower women and to offer an alternative to weekly therapy.

Run for women by women, The Heartbreak Hotel is a radical new concept in transformational therapy run over a three-day luxury residential retreat here in North Norfolk. Their signature ‘Moving Beyond Betrayal’ is next running in June 2022. If you have been betrayed and feel caught in a vicious cycle of rumination and recrimination this retreat is for you. 

No matter your stage of life, Heartbreak Hotel is here to empower women to connect with their emotions, raise their voices and in doing so will help them to navigate their lives with resilience and positivity.

So without further delay, let’s find out a little bit more about The Heartbreak Hotel




'Tell us a little bit about yourselves’

Hi, I’m Alice Haddon, a psychologist and psychology lecturer at the University of London. Until recently, I ran my own busy private practice in London, my writing has been featured in The Times, Harper’s Bazaar and HuffPost. The programme I developed for The Heartbreak Hotel is informed by years and years of listening to stories of heartbreak, and loss of many different kinds.

Hi, I’m Ruth Field, After ten years at the criminal Bar, I published three coaching self-help books, the first of which, Run Fat Bitch Run (Sphere, 2011), was the bestselling title in Ireland for twenty-four consecutive weeks and a top ten Sunday Times bestseller. I also ran a much-loved Agony Aunt Grit Doctor column in The Irish Times for five years and have written for and been featured in numerous publications and magazines, including The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Irish Times, Irish Tatler, Grazia, and Red. I am also a motivational speaker and during lockdown trained formally as a coach.

We both meet in our first week at The University of Edinburgh. Private heartbreaks connected us on the deepest level, and we’ve been talking about heartbreak ever since, which made our collaboration on the retreats a natural one.

Our mission: to light up hearts all over the world.

What is ‘The Heartbreak Hotel’?

Run for women by women, The Heartbreak Hotel is a radical new concept in transformational therapy run over a three-day luxury residential retreat. It’s a place where heartbroken women get together for three days of transformational therapy; their every need is taken care of so they can focus on their own journey of rediscovery and realignment.

Our all-female team includes Ruth Field, who is committed to transforming lives through rebuilding resilience. Radical and uncompromising, Ruth uses humour as a tool to help facilitate profound shifts in the female perspective and lived experience.

We believe that heartbreak connects us to the essence of what it is to be human, and that our vulnerability is also the birthplace of compassionate change and daring creativity. Our mission at The Heartbreak Hotel is for all our guests to leave feeling empowered and to act according to their own love narratives, values and needs.

The ‘hotel’ is in fact a beautiful converted barn, set on the Norfolk coast, so expect long views, warm fires and sensational seasonal food to inspire and nourish your broken heart. Feeling rested and restored, be guided through three days of powerful conversations designed to liberate you from the relationship dynamics that are keeping you caged.


Where did you come up with the idea to start ‘The Heartbreak Hotel’?

Alice Haddon, founder: I was taking time out from my private practice to grieve the death of my mother during the first UK lockdown, and became very clear about what I needed during this heart-breaking time. I was also questioning the 50 minute therapy session – what if people just needed more time? – and, when listening to a programme on radio 4 about a heartbroken woman who’d suffered a financial betrayal and had nowhere to go and no one to turn to, I knew exactly how to help and so it was that The Heartbreak Hotel was born.

What can someone expect from attending one of your retreats?

To feel a whole lot better than when they arrived. Their every need is taken care of, with delicious meals and healing beach trips. Our guests experience 8 hours of group therapy per day on average, equivalent to at least six months of one to one therapy and they make an incredible bond with their fellow guests. Their shared experience of heartbreak connects them on the deepest level which also helps keep them accountable and feel supported as they move forward in their lives.

No matter their stage of life, Heartbreak Hotel will empower women to connect with their emotions, raise their voices and in doing so will help them to navigate their lives with resilience and positivity.


What are the key lessons taught at the retreat?

That their flourishing resides in their own connection to themselves,

Radical acceptance is one – that things are not what they should be or ought to be or how we want them to be: there are as they are. But we can’t give too much away about our programme, which is to be experienced!

To get a sense of that experience from guests who’ve been on our retreats, do check out our ‘Library of Letters’ on the website

What does a typical day at the retreat look like?

An early jog and talk with Ruth (optional) Sensational seasonal plant-based food prepared by our resident heartbreak chef, Genevieve, daily beach walks/runs/wild swims/spot of yoga perhaps in between intensive group therapy sessions around the fire led by seasoned counselling psychologist, Alice Haddon.  Also, some group EMDR therapy from an experienced consultant which helps unlock the trauma and release it from the body. Mocktails at 6pm, more delicious food and hopefully a deep sleep.


Your retreats are alcohol and technology free, what benefit does that have to someone attending?

Alcohol and tech can be used to numb and distract ourselves from our feelings, and anything that takes our guests away from their feelings is not conducive to their healing process and journey of realignment. Our guests find it to be a huge relief to be free of their phones!

Is there certain criteria that someone needs to meet to be able to attend one of your retreats?

Yes, we frame each retreat around a specific type of heartbreak, so the one coming up in June is ‘Moving Beyond Betrayal’ which focuses on a woman having been betrayed by their romantic partner. Which is now fully booked, However, there is still availability for our September Retreat on 'Healing your Heartbreak'. 

Your retreats are currently for women, have you thought about launching a retreat for men too?

Perhaps that’s something for the future because there is no doubt men suffer heartbreak too!

Your retreats are located here in North Norfolk, What made you choose Norfolk?

The majestic coastline and wonderful feel of the place; the vast wide-open spaces that are so conducive to healing.

Finally, What piece of advice do you have for someone going through a breakup?

Rediscovering what is important to you will build your strength and positive feelings, which will in turn increase your clarity and confidence to deal with the heartbreak.

Talk to someone you trust who will listen without judgment. Be gentle with yourself.


The Heartbreak hotel retreats cost £2500 per person, which includes accommodation, all meals and delicious mocktails and a one-to-one check in with Alice during the month following.

Visit www.theheartbreakhotel.co.uk for more information.

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